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PPC Packages

Pay per click is one of the best forms of online advertising to generate business on the web. It has enabled several brick and mortar businesses to create an online presence and expand their revenue base. All our PPC packages have been designed to meet the needs of every business. We endeavor to ensure maximum ROI for our clients. Have a look at our PPC packages:

PPC Plan topaz sapphier emerald
Price Per Month $300 $500 $800
Minimum Period 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Consultation and Setup
Initial Consultation
Account Creation
Website & Goal Analysis
Campaign Setup
Conversion Tracking Consultation
Call Tracking Setup Consultation
Competitive Analysis Report Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management Unlimited (As Per Business Need) Unlimited (As Per Business Need) Unlimited (As Per Business Need)
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Conversion Tracking
Regional Optimization
Ongoing Strategy Development
Display Network
Text Ads
Image Ads* 3 5
Video Ads * (Add On Cost) (As Per Business Need) (As Per Business Need) (As Per Business Need)
Placement Sites Targeting
Site Exclusion & Optimization
Demographic Bidding (if applicable)
Mobile Ad Campaign
Mobile Campaign Setup
Bid Management