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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Training Noida

Digital marketing has become popular over the years, all because of measurability of results. The various web analytics tools have made it possible to track various factors such as traffic and advertising ROI but the key lies not just in obtaining meaningful data but putting that particular information to appropriate use and arriving at results. In case the data is not put to proper use, it can lead to losses in terms of clients, revenue and competitive edge in the market.

Our Web Analytics Training inĀ  Noida will provide you hands on experience on the software and enable you to understand user interaction on websites and interpret results accordingly.

We offer Google Analytics certification training at both starter and advanced level at our Noida facility so that you can become Google certified analytics professional and enhance your value in the market.

Avail Google Analytics Certification in Noida
  • This course is aimed at individuals wanting to enter the rewarding field of Google Analytics

    Any one who needs to understand how Google Analytics is:

    • Planned
    • Implemented
    • Executed

    Our Google Analytics course at Noida will include:

    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Entrepreneurs

  • Introduction: Web Analytics landscape

    • Why Web Analytics ?
    • A Journey from Web Analytics to Business Intelligence
    • Classification of Analytic Tools – User Centric, Network Centric & Web Centric

    Some Basics

    • Web Analytics Building Blocks
    • Page
    • Pageviews
    • Visits/Sessions
    • Unique Visitors
    • New Visitors
    • Repeat Visitors
    • Return Visitors

    Visit Charaterization

    • Entry Page
    • Landing Page
    • Exit Page
    • Visit Duration
    • Referrer
    • Inrternal Referrer
    • External Referrer
    • Search Referrer
    • Visit Referrer
    • Original Referrer
    • Click Through
    • Click Through Rate/Ratio
    • Pageviews/Visit

    Content Charaterization

    • Page Exit Ratio
    • Single Page Visits
    • Single Page View Visits (Bounces)
    • Bounce Rate

    Conversion Metrics

    • Event
    • Conversion

    Deep Dive into Google Analytics

    • How Google Analytics Works?
    • Cookies
    • Google Analytics behind the screen
    • Google Analytics Report Data
    • How to Interpret Google Analytics Reports
      1. Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors
      2. Time Metrics
      3. Traffic Sources
      4. Content Reports
    • Fundamental Of Analytics
      1. Account Administration
      2. Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
      3. Analysis Focus – AdWords
      4. Goals in Google Analytics
      5. Filters in Google Analytics
      6. Regex and Google Analytics
      7. E-commerce Tracking
      8. Domains and Subdomains
    • In-Depth Analysis
      1. Advanced Segmentation
      2. Analytics Intelligence
      3. Internal Site Search
      4. Event Tracking and Virtual Pageviews
      5. Additional Customizations
    • Tools
      1. Google Analytics Debugging Tool
      2. Pull GA Data to Excel

    • Tremendous job opportunities
    • Existing job growth prospects
    • Start your own analytics company
    • Become a certified Google Analytics trainer
    • Freelance opportunities

  • Weekday Weekend
    Duration 2 Week 4 week
    Classes / Hours 12 Classes / 24 Hours 8 Classes /24 Hours
    Fee 15,000 Rs 15,000 Rs

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